Hidden Fixer 1.9

Hidden Fixer 1.9

Free Compact and simple, yet efficient tool to fix and recover hidden files
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Ever been infected by a shortcut virus? It hides your valuable files and folders and places itself at the end of fake desktop shortcuts, so that every time you click on any of them to browse your beloved Flash drives or folders you will be executing this half-Trojan, half-worm malicious software tool. Hidden Fixer has been developed to fix that problem and to bring all those hidden files and folders back to life.

Hidden Fixer won’t remove the infected shortcuts for you – it will simply make all your hidden files visible again so that you can tell the real ones from the fake ones and remove them yourself. Pleasurable as it may be to some, I’m sure that some less-experienced users would love to leave that task also to the program, instead of mingling with infected files themselves. This innocuous suggestion aside, we must give Hidden Fixer the importance that it deserves. This program not only takes care of any “hidden” attribute added to your files, but it is also capable of identifying and fixing files and folders whose “read-only”, “archive”, and “system” attributes have been tampered with in order to make them inaccessible. You are free to tell the program which other attributes it should be looking for, and it will fix them all with just one click – literally.

The program also comes with a console interface that you can use to clean entire drives (typically Flash drives) the old way. Besides, Hidden Fixer offers you the possibility of performing the opposite task it was designed for – to hide some of your files and folders, though this time for more benign purposes. That’s what Hidden Maker does to protect your privacy, and this is the second and more interesting of the three tools that come with the program – the first being the Hidden Fixer Console, and the last being the Updater, to keep your copy of Hidden Fixer always up to date.

If you ever click on one of your shortcuts and nothing seems to happen, check where that icon leads to before clicking on it again, as every new click will trigger the shortcut virus again. If you can’t see your files and folders where you know you put them, get your free copy of Hidden Fixer instead and get rid of its malicious effects with just one click.

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  • Simplicity of use
  • One-click fixing
  • Can take it with you anywhere
  • Alternative console view
  • Fixes various file attributes


  • It doesn't remove the fake files and folders created by the shortcut virus

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Best program ever, It doesn't take so long time in progress, and can still work fine on every PC even Command Prompt is corrupted by viruses.

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